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Grades 7-12

Unlock relevant and appropriate content for subject mastery in high school students

Our curriculum-based resources provide everything you need to create successful learning environments for your students

Media enhanced books and eBooks that engage, inspire and motivate learners.

203 interactive titles
8,100+ pages of content

Our Grades 7-12 Lightbox Learning Classroom Solutions help set the pace for student success and high levels of achievement in the areas of language arts, social studies and science. You'll find everything you need to design learning strategies that encourage independent study and strengthen and develop collaboration, evaluation and higher-order thinking skills.


Our student-centred, curriculum-aligned digital resources nurture problem-solving skills, build in-depth understanding and confidence, and foster logic and creativity. They include interactive activities and enrichment challenges that allow learners to explore and test their skills in real-world contexts.

Media-rich online resources designed to motivate reluctant learners and challenge gifted students

Our curriculum content stretches beyond traditional classroom borders to intrigue and captivate learners at all levels

Classroom Solutions

Dynamic digital content designed with teachers and learners

Curriculum at Your Fingertips

Our Lightbox Learning Classroom Solutions are web-based products that have everything you need to help your students discover the joy of learning and become independent thinkers. Each digital title comes packed with unique, fully integrated multimedia features, including embedded videos, slideshows and curated weblinks. High-quality audio narration helps students improve literacy.

Our Lightbox Learning classroom solutions include reliable, trustworthy information and activities that stimulate the imagination and improve outcomes. Access more than 1,000 ready-to-use, curriculum based titles to create custom blended learning solutions that motivate students and address multiple learning styles. Subject areas include social studies, science, language arts, math and sports.

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